Lush Is Using Machine Learning and AI to Make Wasteful Packaging Irrelevant - On the ground at SXSW representing Adweek at SXSW in 2019, I reported on Lush’s newest little-known innovation intended to make shopping more environmentally friendly.


Perspective - This is a section I currently run in which longtime Adweek reporter Robert Klara does a deep-dive into a brand. Perspective runs in every Adweek print issue (twice to four times a month) and online.


What Consumers Really Want From Brands' Content - This is an example of a department I manage called Data Points, in which I compile exclusive data and work with our illustrator to create an infographic for print in Adweek's magazine.

Video: Why Tourism Houses From Across the Globe Made a Splash at SXSW - On the ground at SXSW, I worked with our video team to explore why tourism houses were all over the festival.